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*Links, ideas, etc to help you as a leader of LDS Young Women.*


YWL infographics

Infographics from the Church
help those looking for quick
information, and to help you
better understand subjects.


LL Snapchat

Technology: SnapChat app


LLH come follow me dvds

Come, Follow Me lesson
supplement videos on DVD.


Pics on church website1

Update your information on
your ward’s online directory.



YW Birthday Gift Ideas


how to be YW leader

How to be an extraordinary
Young Women leader










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Sunday Classes
1. Opening exercises. Opening exercises are held with all young women and leaders.
2. Young Women classes. Classes are used to teach gospel principles and how to apply them in daily living.
3. Lessons. Invite the Spirit into every lesson by using the Young Women Teaching Guide, a seven-step interactive lesson-planning guide.     LDS Church website   www.lds.org

Young Women leaders work under the authority and direction of priesthood leaders to help families and individuals realize divine expectations
(see Richard G. Scott, "The Doctrinal Foundation of the Auxiliaries," 63).

Priesthood leaders give guidance and vision to orient the service of Young Women leaders.

"Brethren and sisters, we must get on our knees and plead with the Lord for help and strength and direction. We must then stand on our feet and move forward" (Gordon B. Hinckley, Worldwide Leadership Training Meeting, Jan. 10, 2004, 20 & 21).

As Young Women and priesthood leaders magnify their callings, they fulfill the trust they are given.    LDS Church website   www.lds.org  

Every young woman needs three things:
Friendship. Genuine friendship helps each young woman feel loved and welcome.
A responsibility. Church callings and assignments help young women grow spiritually and strengthen their commitment to the Lord and His Church.
Nourish[ing] by the good word of God" (Moroni 6:4). Personal study of the scriptures, as well as teaching in family and Church settings, helps young women increase their understanding and strengthen their testimonies of the gospel.     LDS Church website   www.lds.org 

"We women have a lot to learn about simplifying our lives. We have
to decide what is important and then move along at a pace that is
comfortable for us. We have to develop the maturity to stop trying
to prove something. We have to learn to be content with what we
are."  -Marjorie Pay Hinckley

Letters from the Church about Safety & Activity Guidelines
*Please be aware that if the Church has put out another letter dated AFTER these, that one will be the one you need to follow.  These are here for reference only.  To know the latest information, please see your bishop, stake president, branch president or contact the church directly.*

You can also click here.

Safeguarding Children (Feb 23, 2006)
Safety Guidelines for Activities - most recent (Feb 16, 2007)
Safety Guidelines for Activities #2 (Mar 27, 2006)
Transportation Safety (Sept 21, 2001)


Light easy SNACK ideas for various activities: (You can google any of these to find recipes)
rice crispy treats, muddy buddies, chips and salsa, cupcakes, Golden Graham Cereal S’mores bars


Bookmark Give me a YW benson small
- Give me a young women who....

Welcome to Young Women: This is from the Friend Magazine July 2006, click here.  It is a perfect article for incoming Beehives.


Small example of posters
I received these posters from the BYU Honor Society a few years ago, but they are still fun reminders of modesty, honesty, integrity, and more.....
CLICK HERE for the BYU Honor Code Posters from The Student Honor Society


Directions on how to make a pioneer bonnet - perfect for those planning a TREK:

A great talk on modesty by Sister Bednar.  Click here.

Summaries from the last YW leader open house training, which is held in SLC each March is available hereHere is the summary handout that was given at the open house training.

CTR doesn’t just stand for Choose the Right.  It can also mean Choose to Remember, or Christ the Redeemer.

Photo Roster: Take a picture of each young woman, or RS sister for a RS group (or have her email one to you).  Compile them on a page (you may need more than one page), having each picture about 1-1.5 inch square picture, with their name underneath. Depending on what you would be using this for, it would also be helpful and fun to include a home address, phone number, email, blog website, and maybe a birthday.

Binder covers
Binder CoversClick here

Activity Ideas  
Activity Planning Sheet
Activity Planning Sheet Example (filled out)
Beehive, Letter to new beehive
Bookmark - quote by Ezra Taft Benson - Give me a Young Woman who....
Book of Mormon reading chart  

Border, Values
Class Presidency Meeting Agenda 1
Class Presidency Meeting Agenda 2
Class Presidency Meeting Agenda 3
Class Presidency Responsibilities
Dearest Dream Girl letter (from future husband)
Feel Special Today
Gospel Standards study guide  
Graduating Gift Ideas
History of the Young Women Organization
Hymns that correlate with the Values 
Individual Information Sheet
Leader agenda  
Leadership Training - Help From Heavenly Father
Leadership Training - Leading a Discussion
Leadership Training - Showing Respect
Leadership Training - Spiritual Preparation
Leadership Training - Unity in a Class Presidency
Letter to parents about the YW program
Newsletter, a sample of a monthly YW newsletter
Newsletter Examples. These are Young Women newsletters that I have made for my ward YW.  I print these out double sided, then fold in half so it opens like a book, but only takes one sheet of paper.
Newsletter - April 2008
Newsletter - May 2008
Newsletter - June 2008
Newsletter - July 2008
Presidency Agenda 
Presidency Orientation
Rules for Dating my Daughter
Safeguarding our children - letter from First Presidency 2/2006 (2 pages)
Today in YW    
Transitioning to RS letter, dated 2-23-07
TREK information - all you’ll ever need!
Value Colors - meaning of
Value Girl Stationery
Value-able Thoughts, uplifting thoughts pertaining to each of the 7 values (this has not been updated with virtue - but gets you started with 7 of the 8 values.  Virtue thoughts are next:)
Virtue Thoughts
Young Women Interview questions
Young Women Survey - All About Me!
Young Women Transitioning to RS information



Powerpoint Presentations:
Come let us adore Him
FTSOY Final Jeopardy
FTSOY Jeopardy round 1 
FTSOY Jeopardy round 2
FTSOY Jeopardy Questions (Excel document)
I Heard Him Come
New Beginnings Personal Progress Presentation
Standards Night 2004 Scoreboard
Standards Night 2004

Link to a great article about LDS youth:


Lesson Help

A Cracked Pot (story)  
Be the Girl of your dreams (story)
Children Learn What They Live (poem)
Dearest Dream Girl letter (from future husband)
Easter Lesson
Family Proclamation - colored to insert into scriptures
Family Tree  
Hymns that go with each lesson, Manual #1
I really lived, By Sister Hinckley (quote)
Lesson 39, Manual 3
Lesson schedule for manual 2 with PP goals and activity ideas  
Letter to my husband
Letter to my wife
Life History Questions 
Manual 1 - lessons with PP ideas, activities and more!
Manual 2 - lessons with PP ideas, activities and more!
Manual 3 - lessons with PP ideas, activities and more!
Manual 3, Lesson 15 - Bookmark handout “Give me a Young Woman who...” Ezra Taft Benson
Parachute Story  
Self-Evaluation Checklist
Silent Christmas Lesson (print one for each person)
Leader Outline for Silent Lesson
Silent Christmas Lesson formatted to print on 8.5”x14” paper and stapled like a book (instructions included).
Silent Christmas Lesson book (another version)
Special Brownies (story)
The Crown you earn  (story)
The Tragedy at Rayad (story)  
Top 10 Reasons to Write in a Journal
Treasure Chest Handout Idea
Virtues of Righteous Daughters of God
Web of Friendship (story)


Past Mutual Themes:
The theme for 2011 is taken from the 13th Article of Faith.  Here is an article about it in the Church News.  Click here.  “If there is anything virtuous, lovely, or of good report or praiseworthy,
we seek after these things."   *DVD about the 2011 theme and segments from it you can download from the Church.  Click here for more information* You can download and watch the whole DVD here.

PP new 2011



YW presidency 2013
The General Young Women Presidency NO LONGER writes letters to young women and leaders who have completed the Personal Progress program.  Please do not email them asking.

Other information that may be helpful to you:


Young Women General Office
76 North Main
Salt Lake City, Utah 84150-6030


PP special needs
Personal Progress for those with special needs.  Click here.

Encouraging Personal Progress
Family Tree  
Fisher’s of Men PP reminder
Five Reasons to Love Personal Progress
Forty Days Closer to Christ (Value Project)
Girls Camp and Personal Progress Goals
Honesty Mormon Ad 1 jpeg
Honesty Mormon Ad 2 jpeg
Honesty Mormon Ad 3 jpeg
Humanitarian Service Projects
Individual Worth Mormon Ads (2)
Interactive Lessons on PP from lds.org
Lessons and activities with PP goals for manual 2  
Life History Questions
Making Progress Personal
Meaning of Value colors
My Personal Progress
One Night Activity, passes off one PP requirement in one night
PJ’S Party Poem
Recognition Letter from General YW Presidency
Ten Hour Value Project Ideas
Top 10 Reasons to Write in a Journal
Tracking Posters - Personal Progress

PP tracking sheet 2011
Tracking Sheet - with Virtue - track up to 10 YW!

Tracking Sheet
Tracking Sheet - with VIRTUE, pink

Value pages 
Divine Nature
Individual Worth
Choice & Accountability
Good Works

Misc Ideas:
Watch all “five” sessions of General Conference for a Value Project (In the Spring - include the YW Broadcast; in the Fall, read the talks from the Priesthood and/or RS sessions to make the fifth session).  It can go under Faith - for increasing your faith by listening and applying gospel topics heard; or Knowledge - increasing your knowledge by being taught by the Prophet and Apostles.  If 10 hours is not yet met, make a journal and write down notes about each session.

Did You Know . . . .
The First Presidency has said to young women, "As you participate in Personal Progress, you join with thousands of other young women who are striving to come unto Christ" (Young Women Personal Progress [2001], 1).
LDS Church website   www.lds.org