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*Ideas to help make your activities better, more focused, and more meaningful*


Mutual is a regularly scheduled activity for young women and young men. Mutual is a time when
youth can be together in safe places to practice living the gospel of Jesus Christ, feel the Spirit,
and prepare for future responsibilities in happy and appropriate ways.
LDS Church website www.lds.org


Young Women activities should strengthen testimonies, foster personal growth, and provide a
wholesome environment where youth can make friends with others who share similar
beliefs and standards.  LDS Church website www.lds.org



FHE manual

Make a packet of FHE Lessons
Click here.



Learn about tools
Here is a Hand Tools Quiz.
Click here for more information.



Box Lunch Social w/YM
Click here


Flower bag tutorial

Make silk flowers.
Click here



Learn how to
Click here


marshmallow gun

Marshmallow Guns
Click here


Conference packet website

General Conference Packets
For Primary children.
Click here


conference game

General Conference Trivia Game.
Click here


Conference Journal1

Conference Journals.
Click here


Prayer Journal

Simple Journals w/vinyl lettering.
Click here


Cute gift wrap

Fun Gift Wrapping Idea.
Click here


2013 Stand ye temple block1

Temple Wood Block.
Click here


girl with crown silhouette1

Oh, the possibilities with
these decals!!
Click here


Wooden Spoons

Stamped Wooden Spoons.
Click here


vinyl six bees
A great Girls Camp craft!
Order here.


pan etching7

Glass etching a pan with
your name!!  This would be especially great for Laurels.
Have them bring their
own glass pan.
Click here


Articles of faith chart

Articles of Faith Game.
Click here



Capes for Kids.
Click here




Video/Photo Scavenger Hunt.
Click here


YW pencils1

The Parable of the Pencil.
Click here
Get YW Value pencils here


stars shinning

Stars and Constellations.
Click here


zipper bag ice cream

Ice Cream in a Bag.
Click here


crepe paper flowers

Crepe Paper Flowers.
Click here


oil lamps homemade

Homemade Oil Lamps-that work!
Click here


2012 theme etched jar1

Arise Jar.  Click here



Book of Mormon Read-A-Thon.
Click here



What a cute crown!
Click here for more info.


vinyl Be Blocks green

Make Be Blocks!
Learn how to make these here


Family Proc VIRTUE

Highlight the Family
with the YW Value Colors.
Details about this activity -
and how to apply it to
are on our blog, here.
You can download our copy here.


vinyl see yourself temple3

See yourself in the
Temple craft.

Simply apply the decal to
a mirror.  Done!  Or for a
little extra challenge - etch
it onto glass with glass
etching cream (be sure to
order your decal INVERTED).
Detailed Instructions are here.
To order the vinyl decal, click here.


Binder cover Mia Maids smalll1

Our YW class binder covers
are now available as a FREE
Click here


SLC cemetery-map-1

Ever wanted to find all the
prominent leaders of the Church
in the Salt Lake City Cemetery?
Now you can!  Here is a map
of the cemetery and where
everyone is located.  Have fun!
More info on our blog here.


etched christ yw theme1

Craft idea: Etched glass frame
with Christ.
Get detailed instructions here.
Order the vinyl here.



Craft idea:  Homemade glass
lanterns (or night light).
Get detailed instructions here.
Order the vinyl decal you
want from We Cut Vinyl.
You could use a shape, animal,
even a temple, or use a name.


vinyl blocks YW Values all2

Young Women Value Blocks -
great as an activity or as a
table display.  Detailed
instructions on how to
make these are on
our YW blog here.


vinyl family word block
Family Picture Block - Perfect
for a quick craft activity.
PERFECT for camp,
overnight-type activities,
and retreats!  Detailed
instructions on how to make
these are on our
vinyl blog, here.


Pics on church website

Update your information on
your ward’s online directory.
Click here


Freezer meals

Make Freezer Meals
Click here
You can cook in your
church kitchen.  Click here.


Thats my mom

Play That’s My Mom!
Click here


Mormon Messages

Make Mormon Messages
Click here



Teach YW to Cook
Click here
You can cook in your
church kitchen.  Click here.


Activity Human hungry hippos

Human Hungry Hippos
Click here


Activity music youth site

Listen to music on
while coloring!
Click here



Before planning any activity - fill out our
Young Women Activity Planning Sheet, click here



Make Christmas Ornaments.  You can get vinyl decals from WeCutVinyl.com

Make Christmas Baskets.  Work with the RS and make gift baskets for the elderly in your ward.  Deliver them and sing a few carols to them.  You will brighten their day!

Service Scavenger Hunt.  Make a list of service activities that can easily be done at almost any home, and will only take 5-10 minutes each.  Divide the youth into groups and go around your neighborhood.  The team with the most “points” wins a high-five.

Have a VIRTUE play.  Portray virtuous women from the scriptures.

Hold a Thanksgiving Cooking Class. Cook items like turkey soup, biscuits, pumpkin dessert, salad. 

Have the Stake Patriarch come and speak with the girls about Patriarchal Blessings.  You could also teach them how to color code their blessing, once they receive it.  (Idea from Stacie S.)

Missionary Night:  Have the missionaries teach about Joseph Smith and the restoration of the church.  This is always good information to be taught - especially helpful if you have non-member friends come with some of your YW.  You could also have mini-missionary stations of activities including ironing a shirt, sewing on a button, mini cooking classes, polishing a shoe, etc...
(Idea from Stacie S.)

Have a Young Women Retreat, camping in your backyard.

Have a Swishing Party as your activity.  It would be best to include other wards/stakes in your area so you have more stuff to “swish”.

One Million Pillowcase Project  (Idea from Heidi J.)

Little Dresses for Africa  (Idea from Heidi J.)

Mother daughter activity: Search the internet for ideas on what to do at this.  The possibilities are endless.

Planning Night Sleepover:  Plan a sleepover (boys at the bishops or YM pres house and the girls and the YW pres house).  On Fri night, get together (YM & YW) at your church building and have a devotional, leadership training on serving and purpose of mutual activities, eat, play games, and brainstorm ideas.  Then split off to the homes (roughly around 10 pm) and play (the YW can do things like scrapbook pages, make vinyl signs/craft, do each others hair - just fun girl things; the YM can play video games, wrestle - you know boy things.  You could also TP each others houses, heart attacked the YM, just fun innocent sleepover things)  Then the next morning, get up, and go back to the church and have breakfast cooked and served by the bishopric (usually pancakes, eggs, etc..) and then take all the activity ideas and turn them into your combined activities for the whole next year (take votes for each idea for each month).  You’ll have all combined activities planned.  The only thing that isn't done are individual class activities.  The kids really enjoy this!  Every once in a while you may have to change a date of a planned activity, but the activity stays the same.


A great way to fix those low neckline shirts.
These could be made as an activity.  Click here.


Cute Clip Boards: Use colorful, themed papers to make fun clipboards! Simply mod podge items onto a clipboard. Easy!  Item suggestions to use:  stickers, charms, ribbon, dried flowers. You can even use stamps to stamp paper to use as decorated paper designs.


My Favorite Things: Each person brings an article from a magazine of a favorite thing. This can range from health magazine articles on yoga, or a favorite recipe from a magazine, a favorite scripture topic from a church magazine, etc.... It can basically be an article on ANYTHING that is one of your faves, from one of your favorites magazines (or printed off the internet). Then at the activity - those who would like - share what they brought and why it is their favorite. Then everyone puts their articles on a table, and each person takes someone else’s home with them - something new to learn. You could learn so many new and interesting things at this activity - and really get to know each other better.


Service Activity - Mission Possible: The leaders (or teachers of mini classes) should all be dressed in trench coats (like detectives).  Make invitations that say something like: “Your mission is (followed by the service you will be performing that night).  Should you chose to accept this assignment you should report: (then give location, date and time).  For the dessert serve pies and include the recipe(s) for the pies.  You can do this as a stake RS or YW.  The service can be anything from making Humanitarian items, to serving people in your ward or neighborhood - you decide. You could also have mini classes taught as well on temple work, family history, etc...


Random Service Ideas: Knit blankets, bonnets, booties, or body warmers for babies; hygiene kits, school kits; paint a classroom for a special needs class or a rundown school in your area; canal cleaning (especially in the Spring right before they will be used for the season); deliver food baskets to elderly, or anyone needing a little extra boost; make items such as - baby quilts, fleece blankets, school bags; collect items like clothing and warm coats for a homeless/women’s shelter.


Individual Activity Ideas


10 Virgins - Oil in our Lamps 
72 Hour Kit  
Activity Ideas  
Activity Planning sheet, example
Back to School Activity (YW or RS)
Baptisms for the Dead cards  
Belief Boxes
Bookmark with dried flowers
Bread in a bag
Candy Bar Wrapper for big candy bar
Candy Bar Wrapper for big candy bar - grandmother
Carnival of Life
Ceramic Statue
Chocolate Rosebuds (Birthday Idea)
Cookies in a Jar
Cookies in a Jar Recipe Book
Crash of flight 409
Cross Stitch Patterns YW Values
Daddy-Daughter Date
Do You Have My Name? - program
Do you have my name song - sheet music to a song
Does Anyone Have My Name?
Dried Flower Coasters
Easy Food Storage 
Emergency Car Kit 
Emergency kit - pot holder
Emergency Toilet
Family Home Evening Binder - 52 Lesson ideas
Family Tree
Follow the Prophet - words to the song for modern day prophets
FTSOY Jeopardy questions
FTSOY Powerpoints to use w/this activity:
**Round 1
**Round 2
**Final Jeopardy
Forty Days Closer to Christ
Forty Days Closer to Christ - SPANISH:
(Thank you Veronica C. for translating this!)
Halloween Carols
Here come the brides
Human Foosball
Human Foosball - a website that explains instructions in more detail
Inner Beauty Bags
Journal JarsJoy Jars
Law of the Land Game (Thanks, Heather! - Manual 2, lesson 31)
Life History Questions
M&M Game (get to know you game) 
Make a Mormon Ad (New Era Poster)
Manual 2 lessons with activity ideas
My Life List
Personalized Picture Frame
PJ’S Party Poem
Road Kill Cafe menu
Service Auction (Also good for RS)
Service Ideas for Families
Sewing - Placemat Purses
SONG - Clothes on that Girl (modesty)
SONG - I need a man (RM)
Ten Virgins Presentation
The Good Clean Funny List
Tile Board Pictures
Time Capsule (temple, family, personal, Primary)
Top 10 Reasons to Write in a Journal
TREK Information - all you’ll ever need
TREK Photos
Who wants to be a celestial heir Priesthood edition
Women’s Shelter Personal Bags
(YW or RS activity)
Young Women General Presidents Who am I game

Official Church permission slip/medical release form


All of the files that were from my YW
leaders email list on Yahoo! that I
closed March 2009
(files are not divided
into sections/topics):

jpeg pictures (all in one file)
Powerpoints here
Joseph Smith Script
Links 1
Links 2
Links 3
Manual 1 midweek made simple
Manual 2 midweek made simple
Manual 3 midweek made simple
Mormon Clue
Personal Progress Value Experiences
Recipe - Berries n Cream Brownies
Slide Show - Journal - Each page
Stand Steadfast and Immovable
A great and marvelous work skit - J.Smith
Candy Bar Girls
October New Era Game
Camp Awards
Camp code of honor
Camp songbook
Christmas Silent Lesson - GBHinckley
Eight cow wife t-shirt design
Emo description
Final Jeopardy
FTSOY final jeopardy
FTSOY jeopardy 3
FTSOY jeopardy rules
FTSOY Jeopardy song
Glove handout - YW gift idea
Handbook quiz
Handbook quiz answers
How to lose your mom in 10 ways - idea list
Inner beauty bag

Inner beauty kit Hepburn tips
Leader thank you appreciation
M&M Christmas story bookmarks
Manual 2 lesson 7 & 9 game
MASH activity Make it thru the month
MASH activity Make it thru the month 2
MASH activity Make it thru the month 3
Mia Maids are like marigolds
Mormon Clue intro
New Beginnings - Faith - Am I the girl you think I am?
Personal History outline for YW
Personal Progress Pursuit board PP game
Personal Progress Pursuit questions PP game
PP project ideas
Rx label for Daily gospel living - lesson #3
Scripture Taboo with large cards
Silent Christmas lesson - 2003 for leader
Silent Christmas presentation for YW
Silent Christmas lesson
Spirit of Christmas
Spiritual Olympics relay games scriptures
The Living Christ - broken up for memorization

The Ten virgins - no clipart
Value Activity for camp
YW Fashion Show
Registration form
YW Lessons and Activities for Manual 2
Camp Code of Conduct
Standards Night Road Rally instructions
I can develop Christ-like attributes journal
Leadership skit - YW sandwich
Leadership skit - flower
Leadership skit - ice cream
Leadership skit - loaf of bread
Leadership skit - virtue camp
Leadership skit - salad
My own sacred grove camp solo time
Finding a safe harbor story
Spirit of Christmas readers theater
YWIE projects


Categories that have
more than one file for the idea

Book of Mormon Mystery Dinner 
Leader Instructions

Murder Mystery Dinner
Sign ups
Dinner script
Name tags
Character descriptions
Character cards
Table leader instructions
Murder Mystery character descriptions
Murder Mystery character table cards
Murder Mystery dinner script
Murder Mystery night invitations
Murder Mystery night name tags
Murder Mystery night sign ups
Murder Mystery table leader instructions
Murder Mystery reminders

12 Days of Christmas
12 Days of Christmas Gifts
12 Days of Christmas Stories (variety)
Christmas Countdown
Christmas Gift Exchange Stories (right/left)
Christmas Survival Kit (Christmas)
Cinnamon Ornaments
Silent Christmas Lesson (print one for
each person)
Leader Outline for Silent Lesson
Silent Christmas Lesson book
Snowman Light Bulb Ornament
The Nativity, a Christmas program with Primary songs

Christmas Stories
The Mistletoe
The Other Wiseman
The Stable Birth
The Stranger at Christmas
Why the evergreen trees never lose their leaves

Family Home Evening Lessons -
Standing For Something

Lesson 1 - Love
Lesson 2 - Honesty
Lesson 3 - Morality
Lesson 4 - Civility
Lesson 5 - Learning
Lesson 6 - Forgiveness and Mercy
Lesson 7 - Thrift and Industry
Lesson 8 - Gratitude
Lesson 9 - Optimism
Lesson 10 - Faith


Activities that would be great for
Relief Society and tweeked a bit for YW.

Ideas on how to do FHE with kids of all ages - including singles and senior couples.  Make felt boards with felt board stories.  (Idea from Heidi J.)

Quilts for various projects: Cut squares and throughout the year work on teaching how to sew them together, how to machine quilt, hand tie, and bind a quilt.  (Idea from Heidi J.)

Meals on a budget and freezer meals: Search the internet for lots of recipes and how to use.  (Idea from Heidi J.)

Personal progress/Celestial University: All women can now work on personal progress (see YW PP book for more information on this) and earn their medallion. Present as part of a “Celestial University” program to the sisters. (Idea from Heidi J.)

First aid - basic emergency and first aid

Scripture study:
  Invite a guest speakers to teach how to get the most out of your scripture study and different ideas on how to study the scriptures.  (Idea from Heidi J.)

Emergency Preparedness:  Combine with other wards in the stake once a month on a Sunday night for an emergency preparedness class/seminar. Cover all sorts of different topics from home basics, water storage, food storage, emergency procedures, 72 hr kits, etc... (Idea from Heidi J.)

Try these classes: calligraphy, sewing aprons, a gardening how-to night, or cake decorating, Sabbath day activities, daily scripture study ideas, setting goals and accomplishing them, low fat cooking, organizing, personal history/journals, blogging, family photo albums, developing talents & creativity, photography, painting,

I-Spy pouches